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Are you struggling with food? You are not alone. I understand your struggles, as I have spent many years trying to sort out my own. I have compiled my healing journey into three categories. The first deals with the body and the physical food cravings. The second deals with the mind and will include things like how our thoughts affect us (and our eating choices), and emotional eating. The third category involves things of the spirit. What do I mean, you may ask? This is that part deep inside you that longs for something more. We often seek to fill this longing with temporal things (like food), but it never works.

This blog is designed to inspire you on your own journey of healing as you find the things that work uniquely for you.

About Me

I am a wife of a supportive and loving husband who has stood by my side through my journey of healing. I am the mother of two wonderful adult children who have taught me much in life, each in their own way. I am a language teacher (BA-French/MST) who has taken her love of learning and desire to help others to learn the language of coaching and apply it to partner with you on your journey of health and well being.

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